You should probably schedule an appointment if you have never had a pedicure. Although it is very possible that you may walk in and receive one, it is advisable to make plans in advance to save time. Depending on how much pampering you choose, you can plan for your pedicure to last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Pedicures are great because you can completely customize them.

During a Pedicure Spa, your therapist gets up close and personal with your feet, especially before they start. To prevent cross-contamination, they will check your feet for any illnesses, but they will also look for any ingrown toenails, corns, or bunions. Early detection can help you avoid future discomfort and allow you to receive professional treatment as soon as possible.

You must roll up your slacks during your pedicure so that they can massage your lower leg without getting your garments wet. It's a good idea to dress comfortably and to wear flip-flops that are easy to put on and take off. The actual pedicure is typically performed in a chair fit for the gods, or, to put it another way, a massage chair with a foot spa at the end that is filled with warm, foamy water.

Exfoliation is a part of Pedicure Spa which is great, especially for the feet. It removes tough skin, prevents corns from growing, kills undesired bacteria, encourages healthy blood flow, and makes skin feel and smell better! It also feels good. The entire pedicure procedure is designed to leave your feet feeling and looking wonderful. 

Your pedicure pampers every area of your foot, from exfoliation and nail care to a moisturizing massage and polish application, leaving you comfortable and pleased to flaunt your sandals!

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